Being a law-abiding citizen is a full-time job. Ya gotta drive within the speed limits, pay your taxes, not steal... The exhausting list goes on! But there are some laws that hide under the blanket of obscurity and if you cross the wrong police officer, could get nailed for it. Maybe you've broken one of these ridiculous Texas laws. Maybe you're breaking one right now...


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    The Magic Number is 6

    It's illegal to promote the use of or own more than 6 female pleasure devices. You can use your imagination to fill in the blank. [source]

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    You Cannot Milk A Cow You Don't Own

    The law should actually state that you cannot milk someone else's cow unless you have their permission. But honestly, it should really be up to the cow, I say. Also, if you steal cattle in Temple you can be hung on the spot. [source]

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    Alert the Local Paper if You Can Change the Weather

    You're forbidden to modify the weather in Texas. This law is still in effect as the law was traced back to the 1890s - a Civil War battalion used loads of gun powder in an attempt to produce rain clouds. It didn't work. [source]

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    Criminals Must Give 24-Notice to Victims Before Committing Crime

    That's just good manners. [source]

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    Encyclopedia Britannica Banned from Texas

    Encyclopedia Britannica contains a formula for making beer at home. Now, brewing beer at home is legal for personal use. But it's illegal to sell said alcohol without proper licensing. [source]

    Rae Allen via Flcker
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    One Must Believe in a Supreme Being to Hold Public Office

    The Texas Constitution
    Article 1 - BILL OF RIGHTS
    Section 4 - RELIGIOUS TESTS

    No religious test shall ever be required as a qualification to any office, or public trust, in this State; nor shall any one be excluded from holding office on account of his religious sentiments, provided he acknowledge the existence of a Supreme Being. {source}

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    No Loitering For the Purpose of Flirting

    This law is on the books in Abilene. So if you're in Abilene, waiting to make a grand gesture for your hopeful gal after work - you just might get arrested. {source}

    SargentSodomizer via YouTube
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    No One May Ride a Horse and Buggy Through the Town Square

    This law is in Temple. I don't know anyone around here who owns a horse and buggy, but if you do you should test this law out and see if it holds up.

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    No One Shall Disturb Church Service by Swearing

    This law is specific to Harker Heights. While it is incredibly rude and disrespectful to swear in a place of worship, making it outright illegal might be a little too much. [source]

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    Wire Cutters Cannot Be Carried In Your Pocket

    This law is rooted in Austin. Apparently back in the day there was controversy between landowners who preferred open ranges and those who wanted to keep land closed off. Those in favor of open ranges took it upon themselves to open up fences and barbed wire. It's open now! [source]

    David Silverman, Getty Images
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    You Cannot Dust a Public Building With a Feather Duster

    I had to include this odd law that's on the books in Clarendon. "You're under arrest for dusting the library, though the books do look a bit dusty..." [source]