Thanks to all the heavy rains over the last few days there have been over two dozen wastewater spills in Central Texas!

KWTX News 10 is reporting that in Harker Heights, 352,000 gallons of sewage spilled into South Nolan Creek near North Amy Lane. Officials have tested the creek and say that there is no adverse impact. Other than the whole sewage in the water thing.

In Temple, it was almost 650,000 gallons of wastewater that flooded the waterway at Lions Park. Temple residents within a half-mile of the park on private wells are asked to boil their water.

Another Temple spill happened in the 2400 block of S. 61 Street in Temple. This spill saw 72,000 gallons into Bird Creek.

Worst off was the Waco, Texas area. 26 overflows have been reported totaling 1.6 million gallons of spilled wastewater. KWTX News 10 reports the Waco spills happened at the following locations.

1000 Trice Ave. (2)
1100 University Parks Dr.
324 Jefferson Ave.
400 University Parks Dr.
1720 Maple Ave.
Flat Rock Rd. & Skeet Eason Rd. (2)
2636 Cedar Ridge Rd. (2)
2640 Cedar Ridge Rd. (2)
3209 N 23rd St.
3925 N 30th St.
Stewart Dr. Easement (3)
5028 Ridgeview Dr. (3)
2300 Glendale Dr.
3200 N 19th St.
1928 N 12th St.
810 N 31st St.
529 N 36th St. (2)
916 N Valley Mills Dr.
4900 Erath Ave. (2)
1403 Wooded Acres Dr.
1501 Wooded Acres Dr.
5401 Bosque Ave. (2)
Treatment Plant Rd.
1916 N 12th St.
843 Richland Dr.
3701 Lake Shore Dr.

Crews are hard at work cleaning up in the areas that have stopped discharging sewage. While the cleanup includes an effort to mitigate and disinfect, most of the cleanup will happen once the spills stop.


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