You know what? Why don't we just cancel 2020 entirely and live in bunkers with gas masks?

Outlets including the Houston Chronicle and KPRC-TV are reporting that the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo is expected to pack it up early due to concerns over the novel coronavirus currently sweeping the nation into cleaning-supply-shelf-clearing hysteria. The event began March 3rd and was scheduled to end March 22.

City of Houston, Harris County, and Houston Rodeo officials made the announcement Wednesday afternoon, and an emergency declaration was passed on both the city and county level. KPRC-TV reports that a patient who tested positive for the novel coronavirus attended a barbecue cookoff at the rodeo, and they're trying to determine if that person was displaying any symptoms while at the event.

The news comes after 14 confirmed cases of COVID-19 have been diagnosed in the Houston area. The Houston Chronicle reports that rodeo officials took extra cleaning precautions and made hand sanitizer stations available to everyone, but I suppose those measures weren't enough for folks worried about being liable for anyone contracting the coronavirus. Hopefully the students who participate and rely on that scholarship money get their checks. Just sayin'.

Welcome to what I hope is not the new normal. Now if you'll excuse me, I've got to set some email alerts to let me know when Walmart restocks their toilet paper.

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