Aviana Navayah Aguirre was expected to be born in Houston, but Hurricane Harvey changed all that. She came into the world at Temple's Baylor Scott and White Medical Center instead.

KWTX shared the video of the newborn whose mother said, "with every storm comes a rainbow". Marissa Salinas is one of many mothers who had to flee their homes to escape the flood waters of Harvey, only as her home began to flood she started having contractions.

KWTX reports that water was up to her ankles when she decided either she could head to an area hospital via boat or drive north with her parents. They made it to Temple at about 2 AM Tuesday.

Marissa and baby Aviana will likely stay in the area for a couple weeks until things calm down in Houston and doctor offices re-open. Marissa said she and her baby were very happy with their experience at Baylor Scott and White and would deliver there again, but under different circumstances.

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