Hey, strippers gotta feed their babies too.

The COVID-19 pandemic has prompted health and safety protocols that have forced many businesses, particularly restaurants and bars, to limit their capacity or even shut their doors. Gentlemen's clubs haven't been immune, but some are jumping head-first through loopholes and getting creative.

Vivid Gentleman's Club in Houston is one of them. The Houston Chronicle reports that they've copied the homework of a club in Portland, Oregon that opened a drive-thru strip club back in May.

That's right: a drive-thru strip club.

Here's how it works. You drive up to the club and place an order for food and/or alcohol to go. While you wait for your order, you park inside a white tent where, for two whole songs, the ladies (some masked, some not) will dance behind steel barricades.

Vivid's GM Gino DiLollo tells the Chronicle the decision to open an exotic dancing drive-thru was more about keeping food on the tables of the cooks and dancers than making a ton of cash on a novel idea.

"We’re not making any money," he said. "This is purely for the staff.”

Say what you will about strip clubs, but at least the owners of this one are trying to look out for their employees. You have to admit that it's a pretty crazy idea, but also sort of brilliant. I've never been to a strip club, but this has me curious. The sheer novelty of it might be worth the experience.

That said, the food would have to be pretty damned good. According to the Houston Chronicle's article, Vivid's menu includes "authentic Italian pizza handmade in Italy". I find that claim dubious, but I guess it could be frozen. Plus you can drive off with a six pack of beer or an entire bottle of your poison of choice.

What do you think of Houston's drive-thru strip club? Innovative or icky? Would you go?

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