What in the Houston, Texas is this? $69,900? I came across this listing on Zillow and I found it quite interesting that this home actually has a pending offer on it. Would you buy it? Would you knock it down and start over?

HGTV Where Are You?

This 70-year-old home has to be a fixer-upper’s dream. Where are Chip and Joanna Gaines for this one? Now, I’ve seen some abandoned homes in my day, to include homes for sale in their “as is" state, but I’ve never seen something like this. There's evening a warning sign to boot. (Scroll down to see pics.)

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Make It Make Sense

Get this: there's also a free-standing fireplace in there somewhere. After looking at these pictures, it's hard to see where that could be in this space. The listing indicates that the lot size is large enough to build on. I mean, I know tiny homes are a thing, but 840 square feet? Scroll along with me to see how trashy this home really is.

Trash or Treasure?

Ok, I have to know: would you live in this house knowing this is the condition it was in beforehand? I watch the same shows you do, and sometimes I just feel like these kinds of homes get purchased, fixed up, and renovated, but the yucky feeling, and maybe some uncaught pre-existing problems, may come back to haunt the buyer. What are your thoughts?

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