It's one of the few things that's great about Houston.

It's always good to find the positive out of any situation. If you find yourself in Houston for what ever reason, you need to find the positively great Hickory Hollow.

This amazing Texas Cafe serves up so much stuff you might be hard-pressed to find a favorite item. But if you love steak covered in chicken fat and gravy then you need to order up the Large Rancher.

You know what is the most amazing part of this? Cup of gravy... #HickoryHollow #LargeRancher #XMEN Dro.. haha

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It's 22 ounces of tasty, slow death. You haven't eaten Chicken Fried Steak until you finished off this beast. When they serve it on a pizza pan because there's no plate big enough, you know you are in good place. Even if it's in Houston.

So, for a tasty event of a (short) lifetime), tape a knife on your car so you can cut through the humidity. Put on a nose plug to help cut the stench of the...what ever the heck makes that Houston stench, and get to Hickory Hollow. Two great locations to feed you.