Let's be real Texas, sometimes we just love to be loud right?

There's multiple reasons to make some noise. We could be excited for something good happening, we're at a sporting event, or simply just need to blow off some steam because we all get angry. Whatever the case, noise levels in the state, much like everything in life, fluctuate. I mean, when was the last time you got thrown off by a loud noise?

But...have you ever wondered if gets louder in other places of the United States? Is it even possible that another state could be louder in volume than Texas? It just doesn't seem like Rhode Island could have more volume than us (sorry Rhode Island!)

But thankfully, it looks we've got data that will help us determine how loud Texas truly is. So let's check the volume knob shall we?

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How Loud Is The State Of Texas Truly?

For the data on volume across the nation, we turn to Preply. They used a survey and asking Americans what loud items they've done in public, such as singing to one's self or chewing food loudly.

After collecting the data, and averaging it out, the Lone Star State's place on the list can finally be revealed. Where did Texas land on list of loud states? Well, we least landed in the top ten!

According to the data, the Lone Star State is the seventh loudest the nation. The loudest state in the US? None other than our neighbors to the east, Louisiana.

Well, at least we're still louder than Rhode Island!

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