Howdy, Central Texas!

I just moved to Temple, TX from the ‘Hit Record Recording Capital of the World’ Muscle Shoals, Alabama! People my whole life have asked me when they meet me for the first time, with a name like Wes, have I ever lived in Texas? Well, I’m finally here and right away it feels like a place I’ve been looking for my whole life!

It’s a little more than an 800-mile ride between the two cities, but that just isn't enough time to listen to even half of the amazing music made in either place while you make the drive! From the world famous Muscle Shoals Sound to the world famous Central Texas/Austin music scene, I feel so lucky to be following along the same road that so many amazing musicians have toured and traveled.

I feel so lucky to be following along the same road that so many amazing musicians have toured and traveled.

I left behind a city that was home to the legendary FAME studios and a frequent stop for Elvis, Johnny Cash, Hank Jr, Skynyrd, The Allman Brothers and more. At the other end of this journey is the land of George Strait, Willie Nelson, Dale Watson, and that amazing Texas music sound! I’m excited to be in a place where so many great men and women serve our country in the Military, and a place where Country music is always thriving!

I am so thrilled, y’all!

I knew many friends in Alabama that had spent time living in Texas, and they all told me I’d do just fine cause I’m a big fan of sharing a great big smile with new people! I love making friends, talking country music, watching baseball, and in Alabama I took up the new hobby of shooting rifles! All of which I can do even more of in Texas! Yee-Haw!

My favorite thing about Country Music, is that it’s a genre with a heart as big as Texas. It’s real life, faith, family, and fun. ‘Doing It Country in Central Texas’ means all those things! We’ll have us a radio show that's fun for all ages on a station that's dedicated to serving our local community!

I’ve got a big family spread all over the country who are all excited to come see Texas! So let's get to know each other weekday afternoons on U.S. 105, KUSJ FM! You can help me learn a few things about Texas livin’, and I’ll play you the best New Country music weekday afternoons! Deal? Y’all come!