Hunter Hayes has teamed up with the Ad Council for a Buzzed Driving Is Drunk Driving campaign to offer warning signs about when someone could be too impaired to drive.

Hayes took part in several different public service announcements informing the public about different aspects of buzzed driving. With his guitar in hand, Hayes uses humor to deliver his points.

"Just like in my song 'One Shot,' once you start drinking you don't always make the best decisions," Hayes says in the video above. "That's why I know my buzzed warning signs. When I see one of these signs, I call a car or a friend instead of getting behind the wheel."

Hayes laughingly admits one of his own signs of having a bit too much to drink is "when I start solving not only my own problems, but the entire world's problems."

He adds, "When I know I'm going out, I know I'm gonna start with calling for a ride."

"As a young man himself, Hunter is the ideal person to share this message and remind his fans to plan ahead to avoid driving drunk or buzzed," says Lisa Sherman, President and CEO of the Ad Council.

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