For Hunter Hayes, the movie theater shootings in Lafayette are personal. The "21" singer calls the area his home community, as he grew up less than 10 miles away. Along with over a dozen other stars, Hayes reacted on Twitter.

Hayes says his heart is broken by the actions of John Russel Houser on Thursday night (July 23). According to KPEL in Lafayette, La., two people were killed and nine were injured when the 59-year-old Houser opened fire at the Grand 16 Theater in Lafayette. Police say he was planning to escape, but the quick response from law enforcement forced him back into the building, where he turned the gun on himself. Houser died at the scene.

He appears to have acted alone, and only one gun was found at the theater. Mayci Breaux (21, from Franklin, La.) and Jillian Johnson (33, from Lafayette) were killed. Of the injured, two were released while one remains in critical condition. In total police believe 13 shots were fired.

Tweets from the many other stars who responded are in the above gallery. Houser's motive is not clear — police say he has a record, but it's for crimes committed years ago. They described him as a "drifter."

For the latest on this story, turn to KPEL's website.

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