Hurricane Laura out in the Gulf of Mexico has gained strength and increased to a Category 4 storm.

New 10 reports that Laura strengthened Wednesday into a dangerous Category 4 hurricane, raising fears of a 20-foot storm surge that forecasters said would be “unsurvivable” and capable of sinking entire communities.

Authorities have informed coastal residents to evacuate before the storm makes landfall, but they feel not enough people have left as of yet.

In the last 24 hours, the storm grew almost 70% in power and the National Hurricane Center called it "extremely dangerous".  The warm waters of the Gulf of Mexico have allowed the storm to generate into a more powerful event packing up to 140 mile per hour winds in a serious surge.

Gov. Abbott has warned that families who don't get out of the storms path could be cut off from help long after the storm makes landfall in the overnight hours.

A Category 4 hurricane can cause serious damage, and power outages could last for months in some places.

The government and volunteers are already strained due to the COVID-19 outbreak.

Hopefully damage is minimum and there are no casualties, but this is a very dangerous storm.  Keeping our friends and family along the Gulf in our thoughts and prayers.

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