Is it time to move spring break from march to the beginning of February for Killeen-Temple, Texas? What is this, the third year in a row we've been slammed by a major winter storm at about the exact same time? We should just move up spring break to this week next year, and avoid the whole mess.

How long will the roads be like this?

Schools have been closed for 2-3 days, and many businesses have had their teams work from home. Some schools do plan to open tomorrow after a delay. The winter storm warning is set to expire at 9a on Thursday. You can recheck the list of closures and delays from this previous article here.

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Is there an upside to being stuck inside?

One thing about ice storms, they sure are pretty to look at while everything comes to a halt. It's almost like a real life version of Elsa's ice kingdom from the movie Frozen. Another 'plus' side of being inside all day is Black Panther: Wakanda Forever began streaming today on Disney Plus.

Noah Sherwood/Townsquare Media
Noah Sherwood/Townsquare Media

Will it be safe to return to work on Thursday?

The good news is the temperatures are supposed to begin climbing early after sunrise. Our business office plans to open at 10. In the end you are your own best judge on driving in wintry conditions. If you're not confident in your skills behind the wheel, it is probably best to wait until the roads are completely clear, and the morning rush is lighter before heading to your destination. You can read more here.

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