December 2nd, 2019, a historic day in American history: Britney Spears 38th birthday.

So I was looking for something to write and couldn't find anything... until I saw that it was Britney's birthday. As the residential "puff piece" guy this is putty in my hands.

So I'm very much a casual fan of the 'Toxic' singer, but figured I could learn more about one of our nation's heroes. I knew she is really hot, has a bunch of "bops" and went a little crazy a time or two, who hasn't.

Now after an extensive five minute Wikipedia search, I know she was born in Mississippi and raised in Lousiana, you can take that to Jeopardy. Oh, and this is really funny, on the google search in her past spouses it has 'Jason Alexander' but no it's not the little bald guy from 'Seinfeld'.

You are required to listen and sing along to 'Toxic' at least twelve times, every room you enter you must proclaim "it's Britney B****" and maybe have one breakdown.

I would like to close this wonderful award-winning article with a video of two heroes standing up for Britney. It brings a tear to my eye.

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