For those of you that don't have kids, or that haven't ever taken a kid to the pool yourself, you CAN NOT put a kid in the pool in a normal diaper.  Have you seen those auto-inflating life vests that they have on airplanes?  If you put a kid in a pool in a normal diaper, it is something very similar to that.

Rowdy Origional - B106

Huggies makes a great product, or so I thought, called ‘Little Swimmers’.  They are a special diaper that is specifically made to go into the pool.  Everyone knows that kids sometime don't get out of the pool when they have to use the bathroom, a very unsettling fact for a germ-o-phobe like me, but since they aren't inside of my personal space I can tolerate it.  However when I take Addyson to the pool I keep her very close to me, even when she is in her little floating thingy I never allow her to be outside of arms reach.

Well, we were going to make a trip to the pool yesterday and when we arrived there was a sign on the gate saying that the pool was closed for the day for maintenance.  Since I had just changed her into

Rowdy Origional - B106

her little swimmer, I made the decision to let her use it up before I changed her back into a normal diaper.  She sat in her little cubby hole to play for a bit and I sat on the floor to quickly hand her back the toys that she tosses out to make sure we are paying attention.  After a few minutes I went to pick her up for some cuddles and to my dismay she was sitting in a puddle and it sure wasn't raining.

This experience has shaken my trust in the ‘Little Swimmers’.  Does this mean that every time we go swimming and she is within arm’s reach that I am dunking myself in little girl pee?  I always thought that there was some magical barrier in these pool diapers that kept that from happening… I guess not.

So, allow me to warn you… Take your kids to the pool, they love it, but keep out of the pee range!