When rare weather occurs, sometimes you'll come across something new. That's what happened at Mother Neff State Park in Moody Monday morning.

This rare occurance happened Monday morning. Park Host Kathy was doing a walk-thru on that frigid morning and since it hasn't been that cold in Central Texas for a long time, she found something unique that is considered to be a rare ice phenomenon.

She was checking campsite 14 when she saw something that looked like trash, but as she got closer she realized it was something completely different. She gathered up her courage and touched it.

It turned out to be ice.

In fact, what she found was a natural phenomenon, which has many names. Some call it Ice Ribbon, or Ice Flowers, Rabbit Ice, or Ice Wool.

It forms when sap in the stems of plants expands as it freezes. Cracks form, and water escapes through these cracks. The water freezes as it moves forming layers of ice and creating artistic designs.

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