Saturday while on a day trip to Dallas my boyfriend introduced me to the PGA Tour Superstore, and the challenge of golf's short game.

We have a standard list of haunts when we travel to Dallas. We stop by our favorite spot for lunch, and knock out our favorite stores, but this trip he decided to surprise me with a golf lesson.

Short back story - he's a great golfer. Don't let him fool you and tell you he's out of practice, he's still above average. I am a golf novice. I played my fair share of putt-putt as a kid at birthday parties, I volunteer with the UT Tyler Suddenlink Million Dollar Hole-in-One, and I have had one trip to Top Golf, that's it.

So this weekend, when we pulled up outside the PGA Tour Superstore I was confused as to why he thought I would enjoy this experience. I was expecting a golf only version of Academy.

Boy, was I surprised. This place had all sorts of interactive experiences for golfers. There were video driving ranges, where people were taking lessons, a large green with loads of pins where you could test a variety of putters, and a chipping area.

The boyfriend thought it would be fun to teach me to putt and chip. I'm a terrible putter, but in my defense there were a lot of people around, and I wasn't really concentrating well.

In the chipping area, we didn't have an audience. I was actually able to really try to learn and do it correctly. At one point, I got lucky and actually chipped one in! Unfortunately he did not get a video of that moment, but he did manage to record a few decent chips, and me playing in the sand trap.