Justin Timberlake lights my fire. I mean I can't stop the feels that I get when I hear him sing, watch him dance... and play golf!

I may be a terrible golfer, but it would be a dream to play a round of golf with him. I mean close proximity to his hilarious personality and winning smile for 18 holes. Yes, please.


Justin returns to the American Century Championship in 2016, paired with fellow actor, Alfonso Ribeiro. You remember this tournament, because it's where they were spotted doing 'the Carlton' together last year!

I'll keep dreaming of that golf game, I mean I would totally be happy with Jessica and my fiance joining us. I'm sure my fiance would enjoy it as much as I would, Ha!

Loads of other celebrities and pro athletes are participating in this tournament as well. You'll recognize names like Willie Robertson from Duck Dynasty, comedian Kevin Nealon, and NBA MVP, Steph Curry.

The tournament is airing this weekend on NBC Sports.