Last night, Copperas Cove parents who send their kids to S C Lee Jr High got a letter about a threat made over the phone Tuesday afternoon.

School officials reported a caller shared a non-specific message about a possible threat to the school. While KCENTV reports that Copperas Cove police believe the threat is not credible, they will increase their presence at 1205 Courtney Ln in Copperas Cove to make sure students and teachers are safe.

The letter to parents came in an email Tuesday evening according to Millie McBride's post on social media (above). A copy of the message sent to parents can also be found here. Tuesday, it was North Belton Middle School increasing police presence after receiving a similar threat.

We can't thank our local police departments enough for watching out for our schools. We can only hope they are able to get to the bottom of these random threats.

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