All of a sudden it hits you. You're blindsided and you had no idea you were being cheated on. If you were to have seen the signs and seen it coming what would you have done differently? Would you ignore it and thing positive? Would you confront your partner head on? Louanne Ward, the famous Perth's Millionaire Matchmaker, breaks it down simply. There are several signs that many of us ignore. Is your partner all of a sudden doing any of this?

Signs your partner is cheating on you:

  1. Travelling or going out more
  2. Looking more animated on the phone
  3. Staying back at work more often
  4. Being manscaped or waxed to perfection
  5. Increased and suspicious social media use
  6. New clothes or lingerie that you haven't seen on
  7. Lines like 'I just need some time alone' are used more frequently
  8. Talking about a new person at work or at golf before mentions of this person suddenly stop 
  9.  They will have moments of guilt and buy you unexpected gifts
  10. They put uncharacteristic distance down to being 'stressed at work'
  11. They will tell you they love you a lot more but not show it
Tim Boyle, Getty Images
Tim Boyle, Getty Images

Have you ever been cheated on? What were some signs you overlooked? Comment below!


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