HBO Bound

The Dallas Cowboys were announced as the feature team on this year’s edition of Hard Knocks. For those who aren’t familiar, Hard knocks is a program that follows an NFL team each year, giving a closer look at training camp as they prepare for the season.

Not the First Time

This isn’t the first time that America's team has been a part of the show. They were in season four of the series back when Jerry World was still in the process of being built. For reference’s sake, this is back when Terrell Owens was a part of the team.

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First Impression

I had a feeling that the Cowboys were going to be the choice for this year’s show given the gruesome injury that Dak Prescott sustained during last season. Sure enough, the show kicks off on the shoulders of Prescott and a review of the injury. I understand they’re setting the stage for the show, but those with weak stomachs be warned: they show that leg flopping around in the wind.

Dallas Cowboys v Minnesota Vikings
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The team looked decent from what I could tell, but there were a few things that stuck out. Zeke looks healthy and focused, so I’m thinking he may be out to prove something this season. The other guy that stood out is second-year wide receiver CeeDee Lamb. He seems to have a great rapport with Dak, and will look to pick up their chemistry where it left off before the injury last season.

Dallas Cowboys Training Camp
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Unfortunately for the Cowboys, Mike McCarthy seems like he could be a problem. He looks lost at times and doesn’t really know what’s going on. He's still trying to establish a culture in the locker room, and has come up with an almost laughable concept:  MOJO moments. Yes, Mojo moments is supposed to be inspired by Austin Powers to help motivate the players.

Guess we’ll see how that works on the next episode.

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