Whether simply turning on the water and letting kids run around like crazy people during a hot summer day, or hooking up a sprinkler to run through, a hose can be a wonderful babysitter.  I spent a solid four hours Monday evening (Labor Day, of course) laboring away with a power washer.  It's been over a year since I've taken the power washer to the house, but since we have plans to sell our house and find a new house closer to my wife's job and the kids' schools we've been doing some serious cleaning.

Luckily for me, Logan is still in that phase in life where helping your dad do work around the house is fun... not pure torture like it is for Tyler.  He'd wanted to help power wash the house from the beginning, but because there was a strange dog on the loose in the neighborhood I wasn't about to let him out front to help me.  When the front was finished up and I moved around to the back of the house Logan asked his friend from next door to come out back and help ("play", is what I'm sure he meant).

From the video you can tell that they were both surprised by the force of the water coming out of the power washer.  The laughter you hear is something we don't see or hear very often... the pure joy that can only come from a child discovering something new & fun for the first time.