This is shaping up to be the Best Food Week ever for Non Cooks. 

Yesterday we had Peanut Butter and Jelly Day, Today it’s Chocolate Mousse Day.   It's time for an “I don’t know nothing bout cooking Feast”!   It is no secret to all that know me, I hate to Cook. I would rather clean the bathrooms than cook.  When my husband was out of work, I was secretly happy cause I didn't have to cook, or think about cooking.  He did it.  (Now I fully understand the reasoning behind Barefoot and Pregnant).

You know how hard it is to answer the Question, “What’s for Supper?”  Thank goodness for the microwave, I can whip together an entrée and two sides in about 30 minutes.

But back to our Feast, The Main Course is  Peanut Butter and Jelly Sandwiches.


You can add Bananas, Marshmallows, Mustard, whatever you want. We will create a Smorgasbord of PB&J!

For dessert, we shall have Chocolate Mousse!

Don’t panic all it takes is instant pudding and a tub of Whipped Cream.  Just follow the directions on the package for Mousse.  Or do it the Julia way.  Buy this instead.

Bone Appetite!