It never fails. Every time my wife and I travel through an airport things get to be a little...intense. My wife has not traveled on airplanes much, so I think maybe gets a little anxious.

While I understand that fear of flight may cause this anxiety, sometimes it helps if you relax before your trip. Have a nice small meal, a cold beverage, or maybe even sip an adult beverage to calm the nerves. However we tried the latter once and that backfired after she became ill within the first 20 minutes of the flight. Not good!

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It can help if you discuss what's going to happen and the schedule we're going to need to keep to stay on time and make the flights. I highly recommend taking a shorter flight, like from Abilene to Dallas, to get acquainted with how things operate when traveling by air.

The folks at recently conducted a nationwide survey asking Americans what the main causes for arguments were when traveling with their partners at an airport. Interestingly enough, Texans ranked highest for having what I call "tension between the lovebirds while traveling in the air".

The survey was conducted from December 15th until the end of the year on behalf of Nearly 2,000 Americans over the age of 18 were surveyed, discovering that nearly a third of Texans (29%) argued because of delays and cancellations.

Here's what the data in Texas revealed :

  1. 29% of arguments between partners was due to delays/cancellations

  2. 28% was due to being late to the gate/airport

  3. 27% was due to lack of sleep

  4. 23% was due to hunger issues

  5. 23% was due to seat Issues

With Valentine's Day coming, couples are gearing up for some romantic getaways. But  among the excitement of travel, airport tensions can sometimes cause arguments. So  be aware of what causes the most air travel arguments between Texas couples.

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