Growing up the youngest of five kids I always wanted to be older. I looked up to my siblings and wanted to be allowed to do the same things. While I understand now that I should have just enjoyed being a kid, like most kids I just wanted to grow up as fast as possible. I remember when my siblings started getting to the age of 21 so alcohol was around more often. My first sips of alcohol were like everyone else’s as I didn’t like the taste of it. Well, that has changed now. But, in the state of Texas if a kid wants to buy a non-alcoholic beer do they have that ability? 


To be honest, when I first though of this question I had no idea the answer to it. But after searching around online it didn’t take long for me to realize that the state of Texas doesn’t have any laws in place regarding kids who want to buy non-alcoholic beer. Although, I’m not sure why they would want to, let’s be honest chocolate milk always sounds better than non-alcoholic beer. 

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The TABC Doesn’t Have a Ton of Information 

When searching around the TABC website it was difficult to find information about non-alcoholic beer. But multiple other websites including One Club Sober says that Texas doesn’t have any laws about kids buying or consuming non-alcoholic beer. 

Don’t Rush to Become an Adult 

Beer and other alcoholic beverages are to be enjoyed when you are of legal age. Drinking prior to being 21 can get you in serious trouble, it’s just not worth it. But if you know of a kid who really wants to try a non-alcoholic beer, they are legally able to do so in the state of Texas. 

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