Horrible story coming out of the weekend as a Texas airport is dealing with quite the tragedy.

Sadly this is something that can happen if you get too close to a jet engine. Probably the most famous footage of this comes from the Gulf War when a Navy sailor was sucked into a jet engine. Somehow (to this day I have no idea how) that sailor survived.

Watch Navy Sailor Get Sucked Into a Jet Engine

Sadly over the weekend, a Texas airline worker was not so lucky. Friday evening around 10:25 PM a Delta flight from Los Angeles was taxing in to the San Antonio International Airport. The jet apparently had one of the engines running and a crew member on the ground was ingested into the engine killing them. The San Antonio airport released the following statement on the incident.

San Antonio Airport Statement

An accident occurred on the ground at San Antonio International Airport tonight that resulted in the fatality of an airline ground crew member. We are deeply saddened by this incident and are working with authorities as they begin their investigation. We will share more information as details become available.

I do not know what the policy is when it comes to how far workers should stay away from engines as they're taxing into the gate, but I am sure the airport has footage of the incident. I am sure they will be taking a look at everything that happened that night to ensure this never happens to another employee again.

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