An arctic blast is headed for the Lone Star State and the winter storm of 2021 is still fresh in the minds of Texans. 

It’s so fresh in my mind that it’s hard to believe it was three years ago. It feels more like it happened maybe two years ago at most. 

Regardless of how long ago it happened, those of us who had to endure the storm will always have flashbacks when we hear severe winter weather is headed our way. And the Number One question on everyone’s mind is whether the power will stay on.

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During a press conference, Texas Governor Greg Abbott expressed confidence in the Texas grid operator, ERCOT (Electric Reliability Council of Texas): 

We feel very good about the status of the Texas power grid and ERCOT to be able to effectively and successfully ensure that the power is going to stay on throughout the entirety of this winter storm episode.

I sure hope he’s right. People’s lives depend on it.

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