It may not surprise you to hear that the infamous 6th Street in Austin, Texas is the scene of many a rowdy incident.

The stretch of city blocks in downtown Austin is notorious for bringing out the troublemaker within otherwise normal, law-abiding citizens. Scuffles are routine, and police are ready to rumble each and every Friday and Saturday night.

But a video posted by the X account TX Street Fights (@txstreetfights2) shows a scene so chaotic you'll doubt what you saw was real.

60 Seconds of Chaos and Disorder

Published on January 31, 2024, the video is a slow moving montage of police officers struggling to maintain order (and momentarily losing it) while the crowd of drunken partygoers around them come undone.

TX Street Fights/Twitter
TX Street Fights/Twitter

It Starts Off With a Police Pile Up

Three police officers are piled on one suspect, who's sprawled out on his belly and definitely squirming as they put the cuffs on, All you can see of the arrestee from underneath the mound of blue is his skinny little legs kicking (as much as he can kick...and that's not much)

Then A Cop Falls Off His Horse

Once the camera pans past the police pile-up, *THUNK* You immediately see a police officer clad in riot gear simply plummet off his horse. Ouch.

TX Street Fights/Twitter
TX Street Fights/Twitter

He lands on his back, and remains still. It's a tense and alarming few seconds as you wonder if he's possibly dead--then a buddy of his jogs over and helps him up. He's fine, just had the wind knocked out of him.


There's More, But Here's the Video

There's something new in there each time you watch it.

Seriously, keep your eyes open for the thousand little details in the Donald Duck shaking his tailfeather, oh my!

All I know is that I highly doubt that I would be able to tough it out for a weekend on 6th Street--as a partygoer OR police officer.

Instead, I suspect I would be more like the girl we see in the first few seconds, who's eagerly looking for a way out of there.

TX Street Fights/X
TX Street Fights/X

Same, girl. Same.

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