Professional golf champ Brooks Koepka and his wife, Sports Illustrated model Jena Sims, welcomed their first child into the world on July 27.

While the two celebrated their little one entering the world, Jena also shared the anxious and terrifying moments that occurred during his birth.

“I love my Crew,” Jena writes on Instagram.

Little Crew came into the world six-weeks early via an unplanned c-section. According to Jena’s Instagram Stories, her three hour labor resulted in their son being breech, which happens when the fetus' buttocks or feet are positioned to come out first during delivery.

Thankfully, Crew and Mom are okay, but Jena explains that baby's journey of leaving the hospital might take awhile. She shares that Crew is currently in the NICU and requests that followers not ask questions, as the family does not know what is happening at the moment.

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Jena has been candid on social media, expressing empathy for all the parents who have had to walk a similar road with a baby in the NICU. While there is so much joy to be had with their new child, it’s met with equally new painful emotions.

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Koepka was his wife’s biggest cheerleader through it all, and Jena is showering her husband with praise, sharing the ways he was there for her throughout the birthing process.

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The couple revealed that their family would be growing back in May, and later Koepka would  accidentally reveal the sex of the baby during a work interview.

The pair said “I do” in June of 2022, after chatting online for months and eventually meeting in person at the 2015 Masters.

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