Former professional race car driver Danica Patrick had harsh words for Martin Truex Jr. on Monday (Sept. 18), after reading Truex Jr.'s statement on the death of his late partner, NASCAR figure and cancer research advocate Sherry Pollex.

Specifically, Patrick takes issue with what she describes as Truex Jr.'s coldness, and reveals that she's never been a big fan of his to begin with.

"I avoid negativity on social at almost all costs. Almost ..." Patrick writes in an Instagram Stories slide. "But this is the most insensitive disconnected statement from a guy that I have never liked. And obviously for good reason."

"I don't care what happened between them but this is as cold as it gets," she continues. "A PR rep wrote this guaranteed. You're free from this now Sherry."


On social media, fans mostly seemed to come to Truex Jr.'s defense.

"What a weird thing to stick your nose into and post about somebody less than 24 hours after their ex has died of cancer," one Twitter user writes.

"Everyone has their own way of grieving a loss," another opines. "Her insistence on injecting her feelings onto someone else is disgusting and screams of someone looking to stay relevant."

Pollex died on Sunday (Sept. 17) at 44 years old, after a lengthy battle with ovarian cancer. She was in a relationship with Truex Jr. for nearly two decades, and the couple split up earlier in 2023.

In his statement on her death, Truex Jr. remembered Pollex as a passionate advocate who worked tirelessly in support of those battling ovarian and pediatric cancers. In 2007, the couple launched the Martin Truex Jr. Foundation together to support pediatric cancer research. After Pollex's ovarian cancer diagnosis in 2014, the foundation's mission pivoted to benefit both children with cancer and people facing ovarian cancer diagnoses.

He also remembered her as someone who use her own cancer battle to positively impact others.

"From the very minute of her diagnosis, Sherry was determined to not only fight ovarian cancer with everything she had, but also make a difference in the lives of others battling this terrible disease," Truex Jr.'s statement reads in part.

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