Jennifer Lee, the co-director of the first two Frozen films, knows a thing or two about animation. She’s also the Chief Creative Officer for Disney Animation. Even though the third entry in the Frozen series isn’t too far along in its development, it’s apparently still enough to be pretty impressed with. Lee recently spoke with attendees at BFI London to tell them just how exciting the movie is looking so far.

“Every morning last week they carved out space for me to work with the creative team on it, and I am blown away and I am so excited,” she said. “I don’t know what I’m doing on it yet — I’m not doing nothing — except doing what I do now, which is we work on every project as as team and I’m in there with creative.”

She added...

Our philosophy is this, and it won’t change: If there is more story to tell, the filmmakers have to drive it. And I’ll say with ‘Frozen,’ Marc Smith, who was our director of story on ‘Frozen 2,’ came with an incredible idea for more ‘Frozen,’ and it’s worth it.



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We’re not really sure exactly what a Frozen III looks like, but we do know it’ll likely be just as much of a pop culture phenomenon as the other two were. The most news we’ve really gotten was a statement from Bob Iger back in February of 2023 saying that the series would continue with new films. It could also take some cues from Frozen: Forces Of Nature, the official audio drama that was recently released.

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