Houston, Texas is the headquarters to a company that just announced they will be closing hundreds of locations, and this will certainly affect far more than just my family on a weekly basis.

Let me just say this as a Texas resident, this is my favorite place to stop while we are driving around running errands just about every weekend.

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Right now, it is expected that around 500 locations will close this year, and 500 more are scheduled to be closed in 2025.

Texas Headquartered Company Now Closing Massive Number Of Stores

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Yes, Shell Oil is planning on closing around 1,000 local stores through next year because many of them are not properly suited to accommodate the growing demand for electric vehicles according to this article with The Street.

The North American Shell Headquarters are in Houston where thousands of employees work. It is unknown right now how many, if any, of the 1,000 locations due to close will be in the United States.

How many of the Shell closings will be in Texas?


Honestly, I don't think too many in Texas will be gone, and if they do shut down some, you could imagine they would be part of a rehab project. My guess would be the fuel only service stations abroad that cannot be refurbished with electric charging service would be the first ones to be eliminated.

Even with Tesla now being headquartered in Texas and their popularity growing, still feel it will be sometime before the gas powered cars shrink in numbers.

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