Did you know that Texas has a huge bat population? Probably, the biggest in the country! It's true! Texas is home to 32 of the 47 species of bats found in the United States. Talk about a "bat country", am I right?

Well, aside from being one really cool song, Texas is a thriving bat country!

Every year, many travel to places such as San Antonio or Austin- which is also referred to as "Bat City"- to check out the bat colonies. Bracken Cave near San Antonio, which houses one of the world's largest bat colonies. It is primarily home to Mexican free-tailed bats and serves as a maternity roost where female bats give birth and raise their young during the summer months.

Bat population in Texas
Kelly Sikkema

But there are so many places where you can check out these creatures of the night. So much so, that the Texas Parks and Wildlife department have an entire list of places you can check out to see these creatures of the night.

Now, as someone who has never traveled anywhere in Texas, I find it kind of funny that some of these places are bridges. It really just makes me think of that scene in the "The Lost Boys'.

The Texas Parks and Wildlife Department has tips and tricks for when you do visit these landmarks- which you can check out here. Bats are amazing creatures, but it is best to take some precaution.

You can find out all about the bat conservation efforts here. I guess with all these bats in Texas, that would explain why this Texas city was deemed perfect for vampires.

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