Anything worth doing is worth doing right.  I can still hear my mom saying those words throughout my childhood, and the words rang in my head as I was called out not once, but twice, in less than 24 hours to take the ALS ice bucket challenge.

That's a lotta ice. Photo by me.

I accepted the offer, and in doing so I decided to do it right.  Instead of taking my chances with a 5-gallon bucket that might miss its mark, I went a little bigger.

Photo by me.

And to make sure I wasn't diving into warm water we started with nothing but ice... a whole, whole, whole lot of ice.

Just so there's no question as to the amount of ice in the water, I present a whole lotta ice. Photo by me.

Thanks to the Deadfish Grill in Belton, I had something a little more to my liking, and something mom would be proud of... doing it right.

In accepting, and blowing everyone else's ice bucket challenge out of the water, I'm now able to call out two others. The first choice could have been better, but you try to make split second decisions with your body completely in shock. Luckily, I do have footage of the Royal Baby completing the ice bucket challenge in the early stages of the ALS fund raiser.

As for Eric Paslay, I'm going through his mama hoping to catch Eric's ear as he's out on the road this summer.  I'll let you know how that all goes.  As for now, thanks to Mandee Montana and Julia Conner for giving me a reason to cool off, and raise awareness of ALS, on a 100-degree afternoon in Texas.