While we're not exactly in a snowpocolypse at the moment, there's enough freezing rain, snow and sleet to warrant a few friendly reminders.

The first important thing to remember is to clear your windshield properly.  I've shown a great life hack for this in the past.  While my truck doesn't even have a CD player, I still carry around a few spare CDs under the back seat for icy situations.

Today, at a good 60 MPH clip on the Loop in Temple, I noticed my radio antenna was bowing at a concerning angle.  It wasn't enough for me to do something smart, life pulling over and clearing the ice from the antenna, I trucked on (literally and figuratively) back to the station.

Getting out of the truck in the radio station parking lot, I knew it was now or never.  By that, I mean there was no way I was going to remember to clear that ice when I leave after dark tonight.  Having just passed 36,000 miles on my truck, I don't want to be stuck fixing a snapped-off antenna.  Knowing me, I'd be resorting to using a coat hanger until next payday.

This is just a friendly reminder from your Radio DJ to clear the ice off those antennas so you're not forced to drive in silence.  Or even worse, you don't want to be stuck talking to your kids before and after school.  Those conversations are exhausting.  Think about it.  Before school it's all about cranky kids and what they forgot home.  After school, it's all about DRAMA from the day.  As I said, it's exhausting.