With Montgomery Gentry set to close out Bloomin' Fest 2015 Presented by HEB this Saturday night as the headliner, let's look at the three songs I'm looking forward to hearing most from Montgomery Gentry.

The live music kicks off Friday night with Kirk Baxley, followed by William Clark Green and headliners the Josh Abbott Band.  Saturday night Nashville takes over with Halfway to Hazard opening for Chase Bryant and Montgomery Gentry.

It's been a minute since we've heard new music from Montgomery Gentry, but we'll probably get a taste of some new stuff the band has been working on finishing in addition to the classics.  The duo plans a June 9th release for their new album, Folks Like Us.  Which classics am I looking forward to most?

"Three to See - 3 Favorite Montgomery Gentry Songs"


  • 1

    Lucky Man

    This song represented the duo's 3rd #1 hit, and their first Grammy nomination.  This will surely be one of those lighter-in-the-air moments at the show.

  • 2

    My Town

    What better way to celebrate Bloomin' Temple Fest than with a song about being proud of the town from which you hail.  Regardless of where we all started, we're here tonight.  This also gives the guys a chance to kiss-up to the local crowd by mentioning Temple by name.  It's a concert staple.

  • 3

    Where I Come From

    The duo's most recent top-10 hit, this is another down-home, sing-along song that'll be sure to get the crowd going at Bloomin' Fest Saturday night.