That's a vague headline, but it's the only way I can think to describe the lesson I learned the hard way.  You hear about people that missed the warning signs, but I missed a direct question that should have raised a red flag.

My wife gets frustrated with me because I come home after talking on the radio for 10 hours and I want to close my mouth and relax my brain for a bit.  I'll listen, but I may not interact.  My wife thinks I'm ignoring her.  I always tell her that I'm paying attention and that I'm just soaking it all in.  I guess I can't use that excuse any more.

I'll give you a general transcript of the conversation that took place one recent evening at the Garrett household.

Erica:  Do you have more than one toothbrush?

Jamie:  No.

(10 minutes later)

Erica:  Aren't you even curious why I asked if you had more than one toothbrush?

Jamie:  Silence

(10 minutes later)

Erica:  Not even a little curious?

Jamie:  Was it dropped in the toilet?

Erica:  No.

Jamie:  Then, no.

(10 minutes later)

Erica:  I swear that I thought you had another toothbrush in your drawer under the sink.  I didn't know it was your only toothbrush until I tried to use it the other day and it was wet.

Jamie:  Wait.  What?

Erica:  I usually leave before you in the morning while you're still asleep so I had no idea that was your every day toothbrush.

Jamie:  Wait.  What?

Erica:  I've been using your toothbrush to brush my eyebrows.

Jamie:  OK, first things first:  You use an actual "brush" for your tiny eyebrows?

Erica:  No.  I use a toothbrush.

Jamie:  MY toothbrush?

Erica:  Apparently

Jamie:  For how long?

Erica:  Do you really want to know?

Jamie:  No.

(10 minutes later)

Jamie:  So, can you put "toothbrush" onto the grocery list?

Erica:  You're willing to wait until Sunday for a new toothbrush?

Jamie:  It hasn't killed me yet.  What's another couple days?

Two important lessons to learn from this scenario.  The first lesson is to always pay attention to what your wife is asking of you.  The 2nd lesson to take away from this is... hide your toothbrush, I guess.