The housing market for former Texas superstars is on the downfall.

According to Chron, it seems the price of the childhood home of Janis Joplin is being slashed...again.

Back in 2016, it hit the market for a whopping $500,000. Then, in November of 2016, the price dropped to $250,000. Now it's being reported that the price is down to $200,000.

The house was appraised at $52,500, but the owners are asking for more than other houses in the neighborhood because, well, none of the other houses raised a Rock & Roll Hall of Fame member.

A couple of other things you'll get with the $200,000 price tag: The state of Texas installed a Texas historical landmark marker in 2008 right in the front yard, making it easy for complete strangers to walk up and take a picture at any time of day or night. Also, Janis and her sister carved their names in  wet cement when they were kids, and the mark can still be seen today.

Now, if you want a huge house, you need to look elsewhere. The childhood home of Janis Joplin is listed as 1,450 square feet, with 4 bedrooms, two and half baths, but it does still have its original doors and cabinets,so I'm sure they look really good.

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