Jason Aldean and his fiancee, Brittany Kerr, have not yet announced a wedding date, but the singer already knows what kind of ceremony he wants to give his new bride.

"We're excited," Aldean tells the 'Today' show. "We're happy, and this is obviously gonna be her first wedding, so she wants the whole big deal."

The couple were the subject of intense public scrutiny in 2012, when pictures surfaced of them kissing in a bar while Aldean was still married to his first wife. They went public with their relationship after his divorce and announced their engagement in September, and the singer says it's time for critics to move past the scandal.

"I'm not an angel," he tells USA Today. "I'm gonna screw up again, probably tomorrow, some time, in some way. But I'm not going to live like I'm trying to hide everything I do, and sort of be this recluse because I'm scared of people following every move I make. I think it's unfortunate, but at the same time I think you can either let it be a drag and sort of let it define you, or you can just go do your thing and take it as it comes, and that's how I choose to do it."

That's apparent in his new album.

"That's why I called the album 'Old Boots, New Dirt," he adds. "It's like a clean slate -- a chance to head in a new direction [and] put all that stuff behind us that's just been regurgitated over and over. It's just finally a chance to put all of that stuff behind us and move forward."

'Old Boots, New Dirt' was released on Tuesday (Oct. 7). The album's first single, 'Burnin' It Down,' has been the fastest-breaking single of Aldean's career and dominated the No. 1 spot in Billboard's Hot Country Singles chart, going Platinum in just nine weeks.

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