Jason Aldean is a touring machine, so it's no surprise that his 'When She Says Baby' video is comprised of live footage of the singer performing at a special place, one that is close to his heart for a variety of reasons. The clip also effectively bottles the essence of an Aldean gig.

The video was shot at Aldean's sold-out show at the University of Georgia's Sanford Stadium while on the Night Train Tour. The singer is a native Georgian and a massive fan of the school's football team, so this show meant a lot to him on several levels.

'When She Says Baby' boasts multiple camera angles and offers the fan the full experience of a live Aldean production. That is, if you weren't there, you'll still feel like you were, since it's a panoramic clip.

There are plenty of aerial views, shots of his band performing behind him, the audience and pretty much everything else that takes place while at a concert, with you dropped smack dab in the middle of the action.

So you can either relive your most recent live Jason Aldean experience or you can pretend like you've seen him live even if you never have. Live vicariously through the 'When She Says Baby' video!