There are few aging action stars as downright weird and lovable as Jean-Claude Van Damme, but he's gone and done something that transcends not only his career, but every major accomplishment in the history of the human race. Mr. Van Damme, known for his incredible physicality, but has topped it all. He's gone and pulled off "the most epic of splits." This you absolutely need to see to believe.

You should watch the video above right now before we talk about it. You want to experience it fresh.

The star of 'Bloodsport' and 'Universal Soldier' stands perched atop the side mirrors of two large trucks. He stares into the camera as his voice over describes his "body crafted to perfected" and legs that have been built to defy the laws of physics. You see, Van Damme and Van Damme alone has the body and the mindset to do the most epic of splits. It would all be a load of hogwash if the camera didn't immediately pull out and the trucks drift apart, easing the Muscles From Brussels into a graceful and terrifying position, his legs at 90 degrees, perched between the two trucks.

Meanwhile, Enya blasts in the background. HOLY CRAP.

Of course, it's all a commercial for Volvo's new Dynamic Steering, but you know what? Iy makes us want to buy a Volvo. In fact, it makes us want to buy two Volvos and invite Jean-Claude Van Damme over to do splits between them. You've done good, Volvo. You've done good.

But Jean-Claude Van Damme? You've done amazing.