We're used to seeing spunky Jennifer Nettles with her telltale smile and shiny blonde locks. So, to see the songstress with dark tresses is a pretty big shock -- but thankfully, it's just for her 'That Girl' video!

Nettles debuted her dark locks Thursday (Aug. 29), tweeting, "From the video shoot! What a day of fun and madness! Which girl is #thatgirl?"

There aren't many women who can pull off both blonde and brunette dos without incredible effort, but Nettles is definitely one of the lucky ones.

In a side by side collage, she shows off both her looks, sporting a graceful image with her blonde hair, wearing white lace, shimmery earrings and light lipstick. The other photo is a drastically different turn, as Nettles is barely recognizable (but still knockout gorgeous). She went dark for the video shoot in more ways than one, donning wavy black locks, deep pink lipstick, a sleek black dress and a much more dangerous look.

For fans who are worried the singer will stay dark forever, have no fear -- it's just a wig. Said Nettles, "Getting ready to "wig out"! I feel so Liza Minnelli!!"

There aren't many people who can pull off a hairnet with elegance, but somehow, we think Nettles would look good in anything. Even Carrie Underwood added her compliments! "How is it that you're so freaking gorgeous even with a hair net on? Can't wait to see the video..." the 'Blown Away' star tweeted to the Sugarland frontwoman.

Just like Underwood, we can't wait to see the video for Nettles' groovy track 'That Girl' and witness her flawless switch between being a good girl and being, well, 'that girl.'