Jessie James Decker just showed how she maintains a red-hot romance with husband Eric Decker: Lots and lots of bubbles.

The country singer, business owner and reality television star posted a photo to Instagram in which she's wearing nothing but bubbles. "Hey babe, come to the bathtub," Decker writes. "I’m nekkid and wanna show u somethin (sic)."

Decker, who released a version of "Santa Claus Is Coming to Town" last month, added that if her husband of seven years thought he going to get a seductive bathtub show, he was right.

"People frequently ask how we keep the spark and spice alive. This is it right here, folks."

Fan response ranged from laughter, to sheer appreciation to questions about how she made so many bubbles. One fan thought Decker was oversharing, to which the singer clapped back with, "I can't imagine what's on your computer history. Hopefully nothing as risqué and repulsive as my bubble bath gown" (per Fox News).

Eric Decker, a former NFL wide receiver, did not turn up in her comments. He's no stranger to his wife's Instagram followers, however, always there for cute family photos, passionate private pictures and casual "I'm a former football player, what did you expect?" shirtless pictures.

The Deckers have oldest daughter Vivianne, born nine months after their wedding. They also have two sons in Eric Thomas II (2015) and Forrest Bradley (2018). For three seasons the couple starred in Eric & Jessie: Game On on the E! network. Jessie James Decker also owns a boutique called Kittenish, which has a physical store in the Gulch area of Nashville.

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