Talk about a close call.

This video captures two joggers in Brooklyn, New York narrowly escaping serious injury when they scamper out of the way just as a van comes barreling by them and crashing into a deli.

The van reportedly had been hit and spiraled out of control, causing the accident.

Caroline DeJong, a Dutch tourist who was one of the joggers, summed up the episode simply by saying, “I feel really lucky.”

Not as lucky is the Deli & Smoke Shop, which sustained the brunt of the damage when the van ran into it.

Nasr Alfahad, the cashier on duty, said the crash, obviously, caused quite a stir:

It sounded like a bomb. I was scared, the customers were scared, the guys outside were scared. We were shocked.”

Amazingly, no one was seriously hurt. Even more amazing? No one got a ticket.