Justin Bieber is warming up our (ridiculously bitter cold) winter with his weekly appearances on Ellen! This week, he gets pranked by Ellen DeGeneres herself and surprises one of his biggest Beliebers. YES.

Here's how it all went down: Ellen DeGeneres starts chatting with JB about his upcoming Comedy Central Roast. No biggie, right? Well, that's until a screaming man in Calvin Klein underwear freaking jumps out of the inconspicuous box between them.

This causes the terrified singer to fall backward in his chair, scream bloody murder and yell a series of "Oh my God"s so loud he pretty much sounds like a Belieber.

"Why me?" JB laughs and asks the host after he catches his breath. "I'm the prankster! What did you do that for? I thought we were together on this!" (Indeed, the two have been in cahoots before. Who can forget the time when they pranked unsuspecting fans in the women's bathroom or prank called a fan?)

After he got over the fright, Bieber turned the tables a little bit and surprised someone else -- one of his biggest fans, who could barely contain herself as she snuggled up with him in the chair on stage. (Um, this is the cutest thing ever and we won't even pretend like we're not insanely jealous.) Bieber on Ellen may be the best thing that has ever happened to us.

Beliebers, watch Ellen DeGeneres scare JB in the video above, and watch him surprise a superfan in the vid below.

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