Country crooner Justin Moore likes to live life in the fast lane. And that’s the only lane he’s willing to be in. With over 3.5 million digital downloads and a current hit single, the ‘Til My Last Day’ singer just doesn’t have time to mess around, especially when he’s in the driver’s seat. Recently, he revealed the one thing that drives him crazy enough to want to scream, and we can certainly commiserate.

“My biggest pet peeve is people driving slow in the fast lane. Anytime I have to take my cruise control off, because I use it all the time, makes me want to scream” he says (quote courtesy of Big Machine Records.) Anyone can relate to the type of annoyance that creeps up when there is a dawdling car in the wrong lane; it’s enough to make anyone let out a primal roar.

Moore just finished the Blood, Sweat and Beers tour with headliner Eric Church and opening act Kip Moore, and it’s clear from all his cross-country mileage and radio plays that he’s been one very busy (and certified gold) entertainer. After an incredibly hectic period, the proud papa of two adorable daughters deserves some time off the road and on the couch.

There’s one thing for sure—with all of Justin Moore’s success, he’ll be going fast and furious for a long, long time.