Friday night at 9:00 p.m. I made sure I was parked in front of the television glued to the CMT Crossroads' performance with Kacey Musgraves and Katy Perry.

As a fan of both artists I couldn't wait to see them team up and play each other's songs. They opened with Kacey singing Teenage Dream and Katy joined in on the chorus. In between the songs they also talked about their friendship, and Katy gently ribbed Kacey about her two grammy awards, and her own 11 nominations and no wins.

They tackle Kacey's 'Merry Go Round' next and she recalls Katy's infamous tweet a couple of years ago when the pop star first hear the song and loved it.

Throughout the show you can easily see that Kacey is still coming into her own, and that Katy has been rocking stadiums for several years now. Kacey appears shy and reserved, while Katy's expressions are comedic and almost cartoonish at times.

You can also tell that the girls are good friends. They compliment each other's influences, music and writing, and rib each other with inside jokes. One Kacey tells where Katy had compared her to Dolly Parton, but without the same endowment. Then they cover Dolly's 'Here You Come Again.'

Next Katy kicks starts with Kacey's 'Step Off,' before the native East Texan jumps in on the chorus and Katy's band adds a little reggae spin to it.

Katy's endearing self-effacing humor is present throughout, and will probably win over doubtful fans of Musgraves that tuned in with curiosity.

Flipping the switch back to Perry, Kacey's band puts a more folk-country vibe on her self-empowerment anthem, 'Firework.' Before the song, They two joked about Katy's incredible range, and how difficult some of her songs are to sing. Katy starts the stripped down version, before Kacey comes in on the chorus and takes the second verse herself.

Katy mentions that in the next couple of years that she would like to do an acoustic album, and she talks about getting in touch with Kacey while she was writing 'Prism.' Kacey shared 'Follow Your Arrow,' with Katy during that time - thinking she might want to record it. Perry kindly suggested Kacey save that one for herself, because 'this is gonna really good for you.' Kacey remarks before kicking the song off that Katy is the 'queen of following [her] own arrow.'

The ladies also covered a song by joint influence, Bonnie Rait, 'I Can't Make You Love Me,' before they discuss Kacey's dates on the Prismatic Tour, and they conclude with Katy's mega hit, 'Roar.'

Watch the episode here.