Kellie Pickler's upcoming 'The Woman I Am' album has hit the nail on the head with helping the singer find her groove. It's Pickler at her best -- and that is a good place to be.

The North Carolina native co-wrote three of the tracks, including the title track, which her husband Kyle Jacobs also helped pen. It didn't come from a canned songwriting session; instead, it was born from inspiration. Pickler explains that after winning 'Dancing With the Stars,' a journalist asked which song she'd play for a new listener who had never heard her music. Her response? "You know, honestly I don't know if I've written it yet, but I'm going to." It sparked something big in her mind, and that evening, Pickler and Jacobs wrote the track.

Much like that moment in time inspired 'Woman,' the album is 12 new songs that show how much the singer has branched out from her first two records. Whether it's her hit 'Someone Somewhere Tonight' or current single 'Little Bit Gypsy,' each song shows a deep, true and honest part of Pickler -- and this album is more 'her' than ever before.

Producers Frank Liddell and Luke Wooten were an immense help in finding her style, as she explains to Rolling Stone, "They have a way of bringing out the best in me and I think they really helped me discover the artist in myself. They've helped me find my own sound."

Pickler has mentioned before that this album will be "Kellie country," and she explains this concept a bit more. "I love that classic, traditional sound. I love that tear in Tammy Wynette's voice," she says. "There's still a little bit of that sound that we did on the last record, but it's not the same album."

She also brings many raw emotions to light, including a song called 'I Forgive You,' which deals with her difficult upbringing -- being raised by her paternal grandparents, abandoned by her mother and having her father in prison.

"I love this song because there's so much closure and healing [in it]," she says. "I think there's so much grace in the words 'I forgive you.' I think people are really going to identify with that and I hope that song helps a lot of people."

She also pays tribute to her great-grandmother on 'Selma Drye.' "She was a spitfire," Pickler recalls. "She lived in this little trailer in front of [my grandparents' house] for over 40 years. She never drove a car, never had a driver's license -- that was the devil. She was just a strong woman and that song is really about her and her generation of women, and how they were raised."

It truly sounds like Pickler' best is within her new album. Just like her record cover, which portrays the songstress in a variety of ways, fans will get a glimpse into the woman Pickler is with a variety of songs, styles, lyrics and depth. Fans can pre-order album bundles on her website.

Kellie Pickler's 'The Woman I Am' album streets on Nov. 11.

Kellie Pickler,  'The Woman I Am' Track Listing:

1. 'Little Bit Gypsy'
2. 'Ring For Sale'
3. 'Buzzin’'
4. 'The Woman I Am'
5. 'Closer to Nowhere'
6. 'Selma Drye'
7. 'I Forgive You'
8. 'Bonnie and Clyde'
9. 'Where Did Your Love Go'
10. 'No Cure For Crazy'
11. 'Tough All Over'
12. 'Someone Somewhere Tonight'