Kayla Anne has one heck of a voice —so much so that this cover of Miranda Lambert's "The House That Built Me" seems almost effortless.

In the selfie video of her cover, Kayla Anne sits casually in a plaid shirt, strumming her acoustic guitar on the bed. She looks comfortable in front of the camera, which is probably the result of shooting a ton of covers both stripped down — like this one — and not, as she has also shot some more professional clips. She tells her 360 YouTube subscribers she hopes they enjoy the cover, and then she begins ... to blow us away.

When Kayla Anne opens her mouth to sing, the words flow beautifully. Her voice, although different from Lambert's, is country through and through. Her guitar skills also add to her performance, she clearly practices her playing just as much as she does her vocals. On her YouTube channel, she has covers of Blake Shelton and Jake Owen, and even does an incredible version of the National Anthem.

Watch the entire beautiful performance of "The House That Built Me" above.

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