A thirteen year old Liberty Hill Middle School eighth grader was assaulted and beaten up during a fight after school in Killeen and it was all caught on video, KXXV-TV reports.

Deandre Losero, who has Autism and ADHD, was walking to meet his mother when the fight occurred just 300 feet away from his school and this is not the first time her son has been beaten.

"This is not the first time his wrist has been broken, this is just the first time they caught it on tape," Losero's mother Vivian Brundidge told KXXV.com.

In the video, a group of children yell racial slurs at Losero as they encouraged a sixteen year old student to hit Losero, and told Losero to take the beating. Losero yelled back that he did not want to fight.

Brundidge works as a crossing guard at Cedar Valley Elementary, and could see the large crowd from a distance. She was unaware that it was her son being harassed until one of her students told her.

Brundidge immediately contacted the school and the Killeen Independent School District, and they initially said they would not be able to take any action because the altercation happened 300 feet from the school.

It took Brundidge a few weeks to retrieve the video of her son's beating, and she was appalled once she saw it.

"This should never happen to any child, because even if it hadn't been my child, I would have been disgusted by that video," explains Brundidge. "Very disgusted."

Brundidge has since contacted the police and the school district once again. They are working together to investigate the bullying.

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